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Message from the Deputy Director

The global environment is the source of life for all living things, not only human beings. The environment does not belong solely to human beings. It is the mission of humankind to maintain our planet’s environment, which is home to countless forms of life, as it has existed until this point in time. From underlying technologies that support the environment to CO2-related R&D aimed at the future, great things are expected from the research results of the Doshisha-Daikin Next Environment Research Center.
In order to realize environment-related technologies in the real world, we cannot be limited only to the research level of universities. The opportunity to collaborate with Daikin Industries, Ltd., which aims to use air conditioning to improve the quality of our daily environment for life, is an outstanding opportunity for universities to contribute directly to society.
Students are at the core of university education and research. Universities are places where students can improve themselves through their activities at university. The activities of the Doshisha-Daikin Next Environment Research Center have the potential to enable research results and ideas of students to flourish in actual society. Through research and technological development with corporations, I hope that our young students will turn the full force of their creativity towards realizing a society that improves the global environment. Our Center possesses such an opportunity and we are expected to accomplish great things. I look forward to participation from many young people. Research and development of underlying technologies that support the environment is extremely unclear and is too complex to be solved by theory. Amidst the academic atmosphere of a university, I firmly believe that collaboration among students, employees of Daikin Industries, and university faculty and staff under the spirit of “ALL DOSHISHA” will cultivate new ideas and lead to unprecedented technological development.
I expect that this collaboration, in which corporations and universities will work closely together and stimulate each other in regards to research issues that are intimately related to global environmental issues, will make waves in society as new forms of industry and academia.
On behalf of Doshisha University, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Daikin Industries, Ltd. for providing us with such a valuable opportunity.

Deputy Director, Doshisha-Daikin Next Environment Research Center

What comes to mind when you hear the word “environment?” I believe that the word “environment” is understood through the various perspectives and ideas of each person. In other words, it seems that each person has their own personal “environment.” Stated slightly differently, the “environment” is a concept which can change due to each individual’s social consciousness.
In recent years, the environment has attracted great attention and discussions related to the environment can now be frequently heard in various situations. However, there is uncertainty regarding the extent to which the people in these discussions give deep thought to the environment from a global perspective, and the extent to which they are discussing the environment as their own theme. Sometime, some of the statements made by members of the Japanese Cabinet make me perplexing. Many people may feel the same way about statements made by corporations. I think the environment should not be a concept in which one-way statements are made simply to improve corporate or personal image.
Doshisha University and Daikin Industries have mutually confirmed that the Next Environment Research Center established by our organizations will implement initiatives that include creating a vision (theme) for the “next environment.” One key phrase for these initiatives is “practical research and development.” Doshisha University and Daikin Industries are strongly connected by our mission to engage in research and development that has an impact on society.
I believe that the younger generation must fulfill a leading role in such joint development. One key to success will be to consider the “next environment” with the younger generation and to engage in co-creation in complete harmony. In my opinion, it is the younger generation that is still capable of reconsidering the concept of “the environment.” As I mentioned at the beginning of my message, the ideal form of a sustainable society is subject to change based on the perspective and consciousness of each individual. I hope that young researchers will go beyond holding experiments not only themes in front of you but also forming their own themes and reconsidering the environment. I still remember what I was told by one of my instructors at university— “Decide your own theme. You are not a worker, you are an researcher.” This was a powerful message which continues to inspire me even today. In other words, being in your current position simply means that you have been only given an opportunity. I am sure that you will not be satisfied by just making an existing theme your own; I truly hope that new themes will be conceived.
I look forward to the opportunity to consider the “next environment” together with all of you from new perspectives and consciousness.

Deputy General Manager, Technology and Innovation Center, Daikin Industries Ltd.
Deputy Director, Doshisha-Daikin Next Environment Research Center